Zerodha Account Opening Process [Fully Explained]

Step by step process for Zerodha A/c open
Zerodha Account Opening

In this article I’ll explain “How to open zerodha account” but before I explain all about Zerodha account opening. In case, if you want to know about zerodha charges (zerodha brokerage charges), zerodha intraday margin, Zerodha account opening charges & trading platforms or any other features, You can read Zerodha Review.

Zerodha is now the largest discount broker in India with over 8.48+ lakhs customers having daily turnover of over Rs. 10,000+ crores over NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SX. Charges levied by Zerodha are also nominal & they provide very decent advanced trading platform.

Costumer Support
+ Positives:
  • Free Investment (No Delivery Brokerage)
  • Free Mutual Fund Direct Investment
  • Advanced Charting and UI
  • Offer 3 in 1 Account
  • Low Brokerage & Charges
- Negatives:
  • Support is not up to marks
  • Server Down issue during volatility

Now let’s get started with Zerodha Demat & Trading account opening Process. First let’s understand, what you will be needed for opening a new zerodha account.

Zerodha Account Opening Charges

You need to pay ₹ 300 for Demat+Trading account Opening in (Equity & Currency) segments. In case, if you also want to open Commodity trading account then you need to pay extra ₹ 200.

How Much time does it takes to open Zerodha account?

Zerodha account usually open within 24-48 working hours after online or offline form submission.

Zerodha Account Opening Documents

You are required to submit these documents for opening new zerodha account.
1- Pan Card
2- Aadhar Card (For Online Account Opening)
3- Personalized Cancelled cheque or Front Page of Passbook [Bank Proof]
4- Scanned Signature
5- Bank statement Last 6 month (Optional)

You need to keep above mentioned documents handy, even if you go for Zerodha Online Account Opening Process (through aadhar) or Offline account opening.

In case, if you don’t have these above documents ready. You can also signup for account opening Process, because you can continue from where you left off.

Zerodha Online Account Opening Process (Using Aadhar)

Open Zerodha Account Online In 10 minutes.

You need to follow these 10 steps for zerodha new account opening. You have to visit Zerodha Website & then need to follow steps given below.

  1. Zerodha Account Opening

    signup for account opening

    You need to Fill Basic Details as your Name, Mobile No & Email Id & Click on Continue to Signup. In case, if you have any query you can click on “CALL ME BACK” button.

  2. Enter PAN Card Details

    You need to Enter PAN Card Details & Date Of Birth.

  3. Pay Account Opening Charges

    You can pay zerodha account opening charges using Card or any convenient preferred payment options. If you only want to trade in equity then make a payment of only ₹300. In case, you also want to open commodity account you need to pay extra ₹ 200.account opening payment

  4. Signup for Digilocker Account

    Share Aadhar with Zerodha
    After paying Zerodha account opening Charges. You need to Signup for Digilocker Account, so you could be able to share your Aadhar Details with Zerodha.

  5. Enter KYC details

    KYC after Digilocker

    Now you need to fill required KYC details with Zerodha as Bank Details, Mother & Father name, Marital Status and Trading Experience & etc.

  6. IPV (In person verification)

    zerodha ipv webcam
    You need to do IPV verification. An OTP will then be generated after entering the mobile no. as shown on your screen and sent to your registered mobile and email. You need to show this OTP from the Mobile or written on a piece of paper. So that it is visible on the webcam. The camera would then take a series of photos from the video to capture the OTP.

  7. Signing Documents

    Now you have 2 options either choose Aadhar Esign (Need to Upload documents Online) or Or Offline Account Open (Print & courier- Need to send all documents physically to Zerodha H.O.).
    Zerodha Documents If you choose the first option for Aadhar E-Sign you can open your account instantly.
    In Offline case you need to download the Zerodha account opening form offline & take printout & courier physically signed documents
    Zerodha Headoffice mentioned below.

  8. Uploading Zerodha Account Opening Documents

    In Case of Aadhar Account Opening, you need to Click “Continue” under the “Aadhar” Tab. Then you need to upload all account openign required documents.zerodha document upload

  9. E-Signing Form Account Opening Form

    Then Digio Screen will pop up for E-Signing. You need to create an account & then need to enter Aadhar No. then you need to enter OTP recived
    in your Aadhar Registered Mobile No. Now you need to E-Sign your form through Aadhar separately for Equity & Commodity Segments. Now you are done with Zerodha account opening process.Online Aadhar Account Open

  10. Courier POA (Last Step)

    Your account will be activated within 24-48 hours & you can start trading. It’s recommended to courier your POA (Power of attorney) to Zerodha Headoffice mentioned below otherwise, you will not be able to sell shares.

    Zerodha Broking Ltd
    153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony,
    J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078

    Zerodha POA Adress Form Su

Now you are all done with the Zerodha Online Account opening process. Your account will activated within 24-48 hours.

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Zerodha Offline Account Opening Process

Sometimes you may have not your aadhaar card link with mobile no. In this case, you can opt for Zerodha offline account opening process. You just have to download the Zerodha Account opening form & then after physically signing all the documents you have to send it to Zerodha H.O. Bangalore.

You can download Zerodha account Opening form pdf & signing instruction from archives. You need not to fill the details in the form you just have to physically sign the form & attached documents, rest will be done by Zerodha team. You have follow these simple 2 step to open offline account in Zerodha.

  1. You need to signup for Zerodha Offline Account Opening by clicking on the link given above after filling this form Zerodha sales team will help you in account opening.
    Then you need to print Zerodha Offline Account Opening form after downloading & follow the signing instruction.
  2. Now you have to courier these documents to Zerodha Head office Bangalore.

    Zerodha Broking Ltd
    153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony,
    J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078


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