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Alice Blue Review

Alice blue broker was incorporated in 2006 and has established its reputation as a discount broker offering various brokerage plans and high margin facility. They offer both percentage-based discount brokerage to its customers. They got a lot of success through their flat fee brokerage program. Alice blue offers services to its customers in almost all the financial instruments services in India.

They have a physical presence in all the major cities in India, especially in South India. They aim to become the biggest broker in South India. A lot of technical software and application support is provided by the company for professional traders. is their website and they have one of the most beautiful user interface and experience among all the brokers in India.

Trading Platform

Ant Mobi Review (Mobile App)

We tested the mobile trading application by Alice blue for Review named as Ant mobile. The application has 3.5 stars on the Play Store with more than 3000 reviews. Downloads on the application are more than a lakh, which tells us that it has a large customer base accessing the mobile application. 

We would rate this application as above average as if we compare it to the average ratings of mobile applications in the industry, they have a decent application with good reviews.


  • A lot of advanced features
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Custom view available


  • Some technical glitches
  • Does not contain all the features of ant Web

More than 60% of reviews on the application are five-star reviews. In terms of the user interface, they have a beautiful user interface that has been properly categorized for a seamless experience. The first section is of the screen in which you can display all the stocks or other financial instruments according to your choice and all of these are customizable.

There is a separate section for a portfolio in which you can add your particular stocks and analyze them separately. Any particular financial instrument can be analyzed separately by clicking on it. You can use all the advanced technical and fundamental techniques inside the application only. 

Placing the orders directly from the mobile application is very user-friendly. You can also view your information in terms of Pie & Candle charts to analyze them.

AntWeb trading platform

The platform to access the trading options online is called the ant web. It also has the back end of Omnesys NEST which is one of the most advanced trading software in the industry. You can use this platform to login from any device, so if you plan on trading from mobile, we would advise you to choose this over the mobile application.

This software is bundled with all the features and options available in the downloadable software. You can customize your portfolio and analyze it using technical and fundamental analysis tools available. 


  • Easy usability & Fast speed
  • Advanced trading tools available


  •  Few users reported compatibility issues while using it on mobile

The best part of Alice blue, ant meta is also available with the software which you can use to automate all your trades with any strategies that you may have.

Ant Desktop-based platform

The downloadable software by Alice blue is called ant. It is the most advanced and advertised platform by Alice blue. They should be your preferred mode of trading as a customer of Alice blue. We would like to give it a thumbs up for the user interface as they have beautifully categorized and then presented every information.

It is bundled with a lot of features and benefits and we would like to discuss some of them. The most advanced feature required by every professional trader is historical data and technical analysis charts. The application contains advanced technical charts with almost all of the technical indicators which you can use to critically analyze your portfolio.

One of the best parts of the program is that you can customize your Strategies and automate them using Ant Meta. The first screen is the market watch in which you can display all the live information of every financial instrument that you want to.


  • Advanced technical features
  • Fast Order Execution
  • Multiple Charting tools
  • 10+ year Historical data


  • Improvements can be done in the interface

Another important part that they advertise and is accurate is the software speed. Speed is extremely important for professional traders and this is exactly what is fulfilled using this software. The best part is the automated trade which can magnify your trading speed to any possible limits. You can use hotkeys to increase your speed.


Brokerage is a very important factor in the world of stock trading. It is always good to have a clear understanding of how brokerage is charged in your Broker. Alice Blue offers a Brokerage calculator to calculate the exact brokerage of all trades made by you. Apart from Brokerage charges, you will also get a detailed description of all other tax & charges.

In Alice Blue, You have two options for the brokerage plan.

  1. Freedom 20 Plan
  2. Traditional Plan

Freedom 20 Brokerage plan offers low brokerage charges & low margin. In the Traditional plan, you have to pay slightly higher brokerage as you will get a higher margin in this plan.

The table as presented below gives out a very clear illustration of segment wise brokerage charged by Alice Blue.

  • Freedom 20 Brokerage Plan
  • Traditional Brokerage Plan
Equity Delivery0
Equity IntradayRs. 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity OptionRs. 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity FuturesRs. 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Currency OptionsRs.10 per lot
Currency FuturesRs. 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Commodity OptionsRs.20 per order
Commodity FuturesRs. 20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity Delivery0.10%
Equity Intraday0.01%
Equity OptionRs. 20 per lot
Equity Futures0.01%
Currency OptionsRs.10 per lot
Currency FuturesRs.20 per lot
Commodity OptionsRs.10 per lot
Commodity Futures 0.01%

It’s now up to you, if you don’t high margin then you can choose Freedom 20 plan to save brokerage charges.

Alice Blue Account Charges

Alice Blue doesn’t allow separate commodity or Equity account opening. You have to open an account in all segments in Alice blue.

Here below is the list of charges levied by Alice Blue online for demat & trading account.

Equity, Currency & Commodity Account Opening Charge (One-Time)Rs. 500
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC-Yearly)Rs. 400
Call & trade chargesRs. 20 per order


Alice Blue Broker provides a higher margin compared to its peer brokers. You can also use the Alice Blue Margin Calculator for Alice Blue Margin for different segments like Intraday, Delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity.

The below table provides the segment-wise margin offered by Alice Blue.

  • Freedom 20 Plan Margin
  • Traditional Plan Margin
SegmentsCNC / NRMLMIS - IntradayCover OrderBracket Order
CASH3 Times8 TimesNAUPTO 10 Times
NSE FUTURES1 Times2 Times2 Times2 Times
MC Times1 Times2 Times2 Times2 Times
CDS1 Times2 Times2 Times2 Times
Delivery MarginUpto 3x
Intraday MarginUpto 20x
Equity Futures Margin10x exposure
Equity Options MarginUpto 10X (Shorting)
Currency Futures MarginUpto 7x
Currency Options MarginUpto 3X
Commodities MarginUpto 10X

It’s important to note that on Every expiry day Index, the option limit will be 5X only for selling.

Now it’s clear that if you want a higher margin then you can opt for a traditional plan. This plan offers almost 2 times a higher margin compared to Freedom 20 plan in all segments.

Account Opening

Alice Blue offers a 2-in-1 account opening through offline & online (using aadhar) process. Further, they facilitate users to trade in equity, currency  & commodity segments.

    Apply For Alice Blue Account Opening

    Fill the contact form to open a demat & trading account with Alice Blue.

    If you want to open a demat & trading account with Alice Blue, you have to follow the below procedure.

    Alice Blue Account Opening Process

    1. First, You have to visit Alice Blue Account Opening Landing Page.
    2. Signup for account opening & Starting Filling the form.
    3. Upload all the relevant and mandatory documents for the KYC procedure.
    4. You will get a call from authorized personnel of Alice Blue as soon as you complete your KYC procedure for the last set of verification.
    5. As soon as the final verification gets completed you will be granted the complete access of your Demat account within 12-24 working hours.

    Documents Required for Account Opening

    You need to keep below Documents ready to Open a Demat Account with Alice Blue either paperless manner means online or offline the list is given below:

    • PAN Card
    • Address Proof (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, etc)
    • Passport size photo
    • Bank Proof (Cancelled Cheque, Passbook copy with name)
    • Income Proof (6 months bank statement / Latest ITR / Salary Slip)
    • IPV (via Online OTP)
    • Client Specimen signature

    Alice Blue Account Opening Charges

    You can’t open a D+T account without opening a commodity account. You to open an account in all segments for this you have to pay a one-time account opening fee of Rs. 500.


    The knowledgebase section on the website can be used to get knowledge about everything regarding the stock market. It is a beautifully categorized section displaying information about the essentials of financial trading, starting from the basics. They have different sections for equity, commodities and Forex trading.

    The information begins by describing what are equities and is made for a layman. The education section is extremely important for all the brokers these days because of the large number of newcomers entering the market. Every new customer expects the broker to arrange information for them to study.

    We would give Alice broker Thumbs Up from our side for the extensive education section and we would highly recommend all the newcomers to study every section in detail. After completing all the parts in the section, you will be well versed in all the trading terminologies and strategies that you can use.

    Products and Services

    Alice Blue is one the innovative broker developed too much product around trading & investment. You can also invest in mutual funds & IPO directly through Alice blue.

    Ant Plus

    Ant Plus platform is provided with API to develop your front end trading platform. Alice blue is among the few stockbrokers in India who have introduced this feature. Using this API key you can customize your frontend and develop your trading platform using their back end.

     This can be used to integrate your mobile and desktop platform at the same time. You can also integrate the same software key with third-party software like Ambi-broker and use it to trade directly from charts. A lot of professional traders use third party charting software to analyze their portfolio and this key helps them integrate it with the particular software and trade.

    Back office transformation

    The Back office platform by Alice blue is called back-office transformation. It’s not any type of software or Trading platform. But, It’s a beautiful piece of the backend ledger in which you can track all your account activity at the same place. Backoffice is integrated with all the advanced features and you can customize your view and analyze your portfolio.

    It has particular features that help you to plan future trades and also manage risk to your accounts.

    Ant IQ

    Ant IQ is the Revolutionary new ideas section of the Alice Blue website. It is a block section in which you can access all the new strategies that are currently being used by companies and individuals to automate trades. This section discusses the technical trading strategies in detail and you will also learn a lot of new things.

    This section also contains all the training and knowledge of technical analysis. They have carefully categorized every section for a layman and you can start studying from basics. They teach everything about technical analysis starting from indicators up until all the advanced technical analysis techniques.

    Ant scanner

    A scanner is a tool provided by Alice blue to further enhance your trading experience. You can use this tool to categorize top gainers, losers, near upper or lower circuit stocks, and various other similar filters to filter stocks in your portfolio. This is an advanced side-software used to introduce rules to your portfolio so that you can have a list and make trading decisions based on it.

    Ant Bridge

    Alice blue has also introduced an Algo trading platform called Ant Bridge. This can easily be used to integrate with third-party charting and analysis software to perform automated trades. You can use this platform to automate the Strategies and amplify your trading speeds. It is extremely beneficial for professional traders.

    Research & Reports

    We could not find a research section on the website on which research reports can be analyzed and accessed publicly. Alice blue doesn’t provide Research and Analysis reports to its users.

    This is one of the shortcomings that we have found which must be rectified as every customer expect the broker to publicly display the research reports & accuracy rate.

    Customer Support

    Alice Blue has multiple channels for contacting the support team. You can reach them through:

    1. Email: You have to raise your query by emailing the support team at You will get a reply within 24-48 working hours.
    2. Phone: You can call the support team through a phone dialing number
      • Dealing team: For Call & Trade-related query you can call on +91-9164255500 (Timing: 08.30 – 23:59 from Monday to Friday).
      • Support team: For other account-related queries you can reach them over +91 9964945500 (Timining- 9:00 AM- 18:00 from Monday to Friday).
    3. Dealing Helpline: You can also access the dealing helpline option on the website and get help directly by providing your user ID which you must have received while opening your account with Alice Blue.
    4. Support Bot: You can also resolve your queries using the support bot over the website. There is also an option for directly contacting them via WhatsApp on the website


    Alice blue was incorporated in 2006 and has grown into a lot of segments since then. It has acquired a lot of reputation because of Advanced technical software provided by them. They provide some of the revolutionary software and API keys for professional traders to automate strategies. Another famous thing that they provide is a flat brokerage and discount brokerage plans.

    What can you expect from Alice blue?

    Strong operations team, advanced technical software, a discount brokerage with high margin presence in all financial instruments and a strong support team.

    The only problem that you will face with Alice blue broker is that you have to open an account in all segments. They do not offer some of the traditional services like IPOs and corporate bonds. Full-service brokerage services are not provided by them which is required by some part of its customer base. Comparing them among stockbrokers, we would like to give a thumbs up to Alice Blue from our side.

    Specification: Alice Blue

    Segment Wise Broekerage
    Currency Futures Brokerage

    0.01% or ₹ 20/executed order (whichever is lower)

    Currency Option Brokerage

    Rs. 10 per lot

    Equity Delivery Brokerage

    Equity Future Brokerage

    0.01% or ₹ 20/executed order (whichever is lower)

    Equity Intraday Brokerage

    0.01% or ₹ 20/executed order (whichever is lower)

    Equity Option Brokerage

    ₹ 20/ executed order

    Account Charges
    Offline Order Placing Charge

    ₹ 20

    Tips & Research


    Brokarage Type

    DP Transaction Charge

    20 ₹

    Segment Supported

    , , , ,


    , , ,

    AMC Charge (Yearly)

    ₹ 400

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