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Angel Broking Review

Angel Broking is among the largest stock broking companies in India. Almost everyone trading in the stock market in India is aware of Angel Broking. They have acquired a brand name that resonates with every trader in the market. Currently offering professional services in stockbroking like advisory services, margin funding and trading in various other financial instruments. In this Angel Broking Review, we’ll cover every aspect of their stockbroking business.

Angel Broking has one of the finest trading software in the industry and deals with almost all of the financial instruments. Angel Broking has a huge network of more than 11000 sub-brokers. If we talk in terms of physical presence, they have a presence in more than 1100 cities in India with 110 branches. They have one of the strongest research teams in the industry and the reports generated by them have been used as a benchmark for various comparisons.

Earlier, one of the major issues with Angel Broking was that they were not providing discount brokerage services which have gained a lot of popularity during recent years. One of their biggest competitors Zerodha had acquired a lot of markets shared using the discount brokerage services. 

Update - 2019.04.01Angel Broking introduced Angel iTrade Prime which offers flat brokerage charges at 20 rupees per trade and zero brokerage for delivery trades. This is applicable across all exchanges and services. 

Finally, Angel Broking become the first full-service broker in India to venture into discount broking. It will definitely change the perception of new traders towards Angel Broking and will help them gain a lot of market share. 

The official website is and it has a beautiful user interface and experience. In terms of Technology, they offer one of the finest software and their mobile application has crossed 1 million downloads. The mobile application is a division which almost 70% of the stockbrokers currently in the market are struggling with. There are very few companies that provide seamless trading experience through their mobile application and Angel Broking is one of the leading ones.

Angel Broking also have active participation in currency trading services and commodities. As per the official website, they are managing approximately 113.02 billion rupees in client funds and approximately 1.11 million active broking accounts. Currently, they are registered with almost all regulatory bodies like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX and MSEI. For depositary service, Angel Broking is registered with CDSL.

Trading Platform

Angel Broking Mobile App Review

We tested the Angel Broking Mobile Android App for review purposes. The mobile application by Angel Broking can be found on the Play Store by the same name. It has a rating of 3.9 stars and more than 50000 reviews. Downloads on the application have crossed 1 million which tells you about the quality of the application. Before enlightening you about the features of the application, we would like to tell you that it is one of the most advanced mobile applications in the industry.

The mobile application is a pain point for customers of almost 70% of the stockbrokers in India. More than 60% of the customer base prefers to trade through the mobile application because of various reasons. You can get a lot of accessibility and easily trade remotely using the application. You can easily trade all the financial instruments from the same application including mutual funds and IPOs.

In terms of features, it is bundled with all the modern features and utilities required by a professional trader. To begin with, in terms of security you can use your fingerprint to log in. The first window is of the watchlist which is customisable. You can add your own preferred stocks or other financial instruments in the same window and analyse and trade. By clicking on any company, you can get access to all the information including technical and fundamental details of the company.

For every company, they have a very advanced overview, which gives you all the necessary details. You will get to see recommendations by the research team about the particular company on the same window as well. Next in line is the technical analysis part. You can analyse the stock technically using more than 40 indicators and overlays. You can even enable personalized notifications for the particular stock.

  • All advanced features available
  • More than 40 technical indicators and overlays
  • Beautiful user interface and experience
  • Options to trade all financial instruments
  • Historical data and fundamental details of every company are available

  • Some users have complained of Technical glitches at times
  • The app sometimes faces problems during the time of heavy load

It is integrated with ARQ which is their famous automated advisory tool. You keep getting research calls based on their advanced algorithms for your portfolio. You can easily transfer your funds for which they have tie-ups with all the major banks in India. The application is available for both the Play Store and Apple Store and both of the applications contain all the features.

For every company, you get to see all the fundamentals and derivative options. You will also receive news and recommendations by their expert team. All the prices are updated every second and you get to see the live data.

Angel Broking Trade – Web Platform

The web-based online trading Platform by Angel Broking is called Angel Broking Trade. It is one of the most advanced software currently in operation in the industry. The software is equipped with all the modern tools and technologies required by professional traders. This should be your preferred mode of trading while trading with Angel Broking.

Since it has been running and handling a load of lots of customers for years, it is free of bugs and the info is updated by every second. The first and the most important section is of the portfolio. You can manage the whole of your portfolio including all the financial instruments in the same window. You can manage multiple assets and even multiple accounts at the same place. It also gives you the option to schedule particular trades according to your algorithms.


  • Advanced technical features
  • Can link multiple accounts together
  • Expert research calls available
  • Various calculator and tools available
  • Options to trade multiple securities and other financial instruments
  • Easy transfer of funds


  • Cannot access the knowledge section directly
  • You might have to train yourself  to use advanced features

To perform analysis and make informed decisions, it contains a lot of calculators and tools. You can calculate your risk and opportunities for different instruments. You will get research notifications and calls to buy and sell particular stocks by their research team. It also has a section for news where you can remain up to date with all the trending news affecting the markets in general.

Accessing the detailed research reports published by Angel Broking is very easy to access using this platform. You can also choose to get recommendations and notifications via email or SMS at your registered number.

For technical analysis, it contains all the major technical indicators required for analysing. You can even choose from numerous charts available and make your custom chart with specific indicators. The best part is that you can directly trade from the charts while analysing which will save you a lot of time.

The most convenient feature according to us is that you can manage the portfolio of every member of your family from the same platform. It can be used to integrate different accounts and perform trades simultaneously.

Angel Broking Speed Pro – Desktop Application

For Angel Broking Review, We tested a desktop-based downloadable platform by Angel Broking named Angel Speedpro. Angel SpeedPro is backed by one of the most advanced technical trading software present in the industry. You can easily download the application from their website and it is a light software that will work with almost all of the computer systems.

You will get the same interface similar to the one used by professional traders. It equips you with all the necessary tools and requirements to trade professionally. Before starting to use the platform, we would highly advise you to watch the demo videos given on the website. As it is equipped with a lot of tools, it is important to learn all the features of the application and they have a beautifully created demo video containing everything.

The first section is the portfolio where you can customize the stocks in the window. You can even customize the options in front of every stock like day’s high, the volume, day’s low, overall profit and loss of the stock, etc. just by the click of a button.

Additionally, you also get the option to trade Mutual Funds. You can access various research reports given by them and analyze all the funds currently available in the market. Analyzing the performance and other factors of the funds is also possible within the application.

You will get News flash reports generated by their team on the main window. Every information is updated by the second, so you will remain up to date with everything affecting your portfolio while trading.

  • Every advanced feature is available
  • Easy Integration with other technical analysis tools
  • Allow managing multiple portfolios
  • Option to invest in mutual funds directly
  • User-friendly interface

  • Need advanced training to access every tool within the application
  • Performance-wise need improvement

Another important useful feature of this application is that you can download particular data in an excel file and analyse it separately. This is quite effective for advanced traders who perform various tests and tools before making a decision to trade a particular scrip.


Angel Broking iTrade Prime plans offer Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery Trade & Flat `20/- Brokerage on Intraday, F&O, Currencies & Commodities. The brokerage charges for equity, commodities and currency segments for Angel Broking is tabulated below.

Equity Delivery0
Equity IntradayRs. 20 per order
Equity OptionRs. 20 per order
Equity FuturesRs. 20 per order
Currency OptionsRs. 20 per order
Currency FuturesRs. 20 per order
Commodity OptionsRs. 20 per order
Commodity FuturesRs. 20 per order

There is no hidden charge applicable & maximum brokerage for any trade will be Rs. 20 irrespective of trade value.

Angel Broking Brokerage calculator

Under the platforms section of the website, you can find an angel broking brokerage calculator. It is one of the very useful tools provided by the company. You can easily fill in all the information on the stocks that you are trading and find out the complete breakdown of the brokerage charges.

This feature is important for intraday traders for whom the brokerage firms of the big part which can influence their profit. They have provided separate calculators for every financial instrument namely equity, derivatives, currencies, etc.

Angel Broking Account Charges

Demat & Trading charges are charged separately from the brokerage. Angel Broking usually charges Rs. 699 for account opening. Currently, they are offering free demat & trading account opening.

You have to pay below charges for your angel broking demat & trading account:

Demat & Trading Account Opening Charge (One-Time)Free
Commodity Account Opening ChargesFree
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC-Yearly)₹450/-
Call & trade chargesRs 20/ order


Angel Broking has a margin calculator that allows you to calculate a comprehensive margin including SPAN and Exposure margin. You can calculate the margin provided by Fyers for different segments like Intraday, Delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity.

The below table provides a segment-wise Margin or Exposure provided by Angel Broking for all segments.

Segment0- 25
25 - 50
50 lakhs to
1 cr
1 cr and above
Cash Margin6 x3 x3 x2 x
Future Margin (Buy)10 X6 x3 x2 x
Future Margin (Sell)10 X6 x3 x2 x
Options Margin (Buy)3 x1 x1 x1 x
Options Margin (Sell)10 X6 x3 x2 x
Stock Future (Buy)8 x4 x3 x2 x
Stock Future (Sell)8 x4 x3 x2 x
Stock Option Margin (Buy)3 x1x1 x1 x
Stock Options Margin (Sell)8 x4 x3 x2 x
MCX Futures Margin5 x2 x2 x2 x
NCDEX Futures4 X2 x2 x2 x

Account Opening

With stockbrokers like Angel Broking, you can open an account for seamlessly. There are two different ways to open your account with Angel Broking: First is Online account opening & another is offline via submitting physical forms.

In the meantime, you can fill the below form to start opening an account with angel broking.

    Apply For Angel Broking Account Opening

    Fill the contact form to open account with Angel Broking.

    Go for Angel Broking online account opening as it is simple and easy to open an account. You just need to keep handy your documents (Like Aadhar, PAN, Cancelled Cheque, and your latest bank statement) with you for when you are directed to upload them.

    If there is no discrepancy in the submitted form, Your account will be opened within 24 hours or less than that.


    The Knowledge Centre section of the website is present for all the new traders who would like to educate them about the stock market. It is a beautifully categorized section and you can find information about everything inside the stock market.

    In terms of basic knowledge, you can access all the basics of a Demat account, share market, intraday trading and other financial instruments. But if we compare them to the knowledge section of other platforms like Zerodha, we could not find advanced topics. 

    Topics like technical indicators and advanced technical analysis are not present on the website and we would highly recommend Angel Broking to make such topics. New traders are very curious about learning intraday trading and other advanced topics and as one of the leading Stock Broking companies, it is very important for them to have such a section.

    Products and Services

    Angel Broking offers advanced technology & features to cater the need of professional trader & investor. They have even introduced podcasts and various other trading news options for their clients and traders. Just like the other technical platforms by the company, the website is equipped with all the necessary tools and you can use it effortlessly using any device.

    Angel ARQ

    One of the most revolutionary tools and software offered by Angel Broking is Angel ARQ. It is an automated research-based tool that provides you stock and other instrumentS recommendations basis on certain algorithms. It was made based on the fact that emotional factors can make a huge difference while trading financial instruments.

    The advertising pitch by Angel Broking says that they intend to provide index beating returns by providing recommendations through Angel ARQ. It uses the modern portfolio theory which has won a Nobel Prize for the advanced ways of portfolio allocating technique.

    It basically uses billions of combinations and factors in various technical indicators and tools to provide recommendations. Also, for the new traders, it is important to note that it does not give recommendations on the basis of the amount of investment. You can Virtually trade with any small amount for the recommendation provided.

    You can even take a demo of the software by easily clicking on the option available on the website. Under the product and services option on the website, you can click on explore ARQ to enter basic details like age and investment goals to find a winning portfolio for you. You can also analyze your portfolio to check for particular stocks that you might want to reconsider because of hundreds of factors.

    The software is based on machine learning and involves various algorithms so it is a must-try for every new user. You will be informed about all the weak financial instruments in your portfolio which can help you make informed decisions.

    Sub Broker / Franchise

    Because of having a strong network all over India, they also have a separate section for sub-brokers in the website. Anyone can apply for a master franchisee or a sub-broker license. Only through this channel, they have been able to generate a large network of thousands of sub-brokers which have grown their customer base in the past few years.


    Remaining in touch with the Modern Times, they have started a podcast section on the website. Some of the podcasts released by them are quite interesting and you can access all of them via SoundCloud. 

    Research & Reports

    Angel Broking has one of the most professional research teams in the industry. You will always find one of the panelists by Angel Broking in all the stock market-related channels on television. They even have their own podcast and actively participate in market-related discussions everywhere.

    You can find all the research reports under tools in the research section present on the website. It is a beautifully categorized section containing research reports for different financial instruments. One of the sections is of fundamental research in which they publish reports solely on the basis of fundamental analysis of the market.

    Technical analysis reports are also present in the section. You can access daily, weekly and long-term reports based on various technical factors. Many of the reports have been considered as a benchmark by various companies and news channels.

    You also have an option to check the live updates of the market. In this section, they keep updating about all the trending news which is affecting the market at the present moment. One of the sections use calculators in which you can access all the advanced calculators and tools which can help you make informed investing decisions.

    Angel Broking have a strong commodities department that has even received awards. They also publish regular reports for the commodities segment.

    Customer Support

    You can contact Angel Broking through:

    1. Email: You can raise your queries regarding your account on
    2. Phone: You can call the support team through a phone call dialing the below number.
      • Support related queries: 022-68071111 / 022-42185454
      • Investment Advisory: 022-3935 7600 (Extn:6865)/022-42185454
      • Customer Grievance Redressal Support: 68071111 / 42185454
    3. Support Bot: You can also resolve your queries using the AI-based chatbot support on the website. This bot is just for general information, you can’t raise your query through this bot.


    Angel Broking has the most advanced software especially the mobile trading application. Recently, they have introduced flat fee brokerage and have entered discount brokerage services. This is a turning point for the company wherein they will be able to regain their lost customer base due to discount brokerage services in India.

    What can you expect out of Angel Broking?

    A strong brand value, a company among the top stock brokers in India, a strong research team, advanced technical software, a strong support team and discount brokerage services. They have revolutionary tools like angel ARQ in which you can get automated recommendations using machine learning and advanced algorithms. Angel Broking is famous for its high margin in the low brokerage segment.

    The problem that you might face with Angel Broking is that they do not offer a 3 in 1 account. Another issue is that previously they have a negative review of customer support & charges. Now they have ventured into discount broking so hopefully, due to this reason, Angel Broking is the candidate for re-rating. As per our review, we would like to give thumbs up for Angel Broking & highly recommend for account opening.

    Specification: AngelOne

    Segment Wise Broekerage
    Currency Futures Brokerage

    Rs. 20 per executed order

    Currency Option Brokerage

    ₹20 per lot

    Equity Delivery Brokerage

    Equity Future Brokerage

    Rs. 20 per executed order

    Equity Intraday Brokerage

    Rs. 20 per executed order

    Equity Option Brokerage

    ₹ 20/ executed order

    Account Charges
    Tips & Research

    Available (Free)

    Brokarage Type

    DP Transaction Charge

    20 ₹

    Segment Supported

    , , , ,


    , , , , , ,

    AMC Charge (Yearly)

    ₹ 450

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    Expert Score 9.1
    Trading Platform
    Account Opening
    Product & Features
    Customer Support
    • Introduction of flat fee brokerage with full-service brokerage services
    • One of the strongest research teams & Advanced advisory services
    • Advanced technical software
    • Strong physical presence all over India
    • Offer investment in almost all financial instruments
    • Very informative knowledge section on the website
    • Free Value-added services like podcasts
    • Huge brand value
    • Customer Support not up to the mark
    • Mix Reviews from Customer over the internet
    • Do not offer a 3 in 1 account

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