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Ventura Securities Review

Ventura securities limited (VSL) was incorporated in 1994 with its major business interest in stockbroking. Currently, they offer a wide range of financial services through various subsidiary companies. It is a group of companies dealing in almost all of the financial instruments in India. They offer service for customers to trade in stocks, futures, commodities, forex, mutual funds and fixed income products as well.

The official website of Ventura securities is which lacks the basic user interface and experience. The website is not even optimized according to different devices and lacks the basic features present in almost all stock brokers in India. You cannot compare the interface or experience with any leading stock brokers in India. Although they have acquired a big customer base and brand reputation after being active for many years.

They also have an in-house research team and publish research reports regularly. These reports are not quite detailed if we compare them with their competitors and especially new entrants in stockbroking. Software used by the company is called pointer which is being used to assist its customers in trading.

A big chunk of their customer base is institutional investors, both domestic and international. They also offer fund management services for high net worth individuals which is also a big part of the company.

Specification: Ventura Securities

Segment Wise Broekerage
Currency Futures Brokerage

Rs. 15 per lot

Currency Option Brokerage

Rs. 15 per lot

Equity Delivery Brokerage

Equity Future Brokerage


Equity Intraday Brokerage

0.03%, 0.1% or ₹ 9/Trade whichever is lower, Rs 9 per executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower, 0.05%

Equity Option Brokerage

₹ 100 per lot

Account Charges
Offline Order Placing Charge


Tips & Research

Available (Free)

Trading & Demat A/C Opening Charge


Commodity A/C Opening Charge


Brokarage Type

DP Transaction Charge

20 ₹

Segment Supported

, , , ,


, , , , , ,

AMC Charge (Yearly)


Trading Platform

Ventura Wealth

The mobile application by Ventura capital is called Ventura wealth. It has a rating of 3.6 stars and more than 7000 reviews on the play store. Downloads on the application are more than 5 lacs which gives us an approximate idea of its customer base. If we compare and rate the application, we would rate it as average. Although you will find a lot of negative reviews on the play store, when we compare it to all the stock broking companies in India, it is still decent relatively.

You cannot rely on the application for day trading and there are a lot of negative reviews that describe the various technical problems being faced while using the application. When we talk about the user interface of the application, it has a basic interface where you will see only black, red and green colors. This is a traditional type of application with red and green displaying the live changes happening in the prices of stocks.

  • IPO Bidding Facility
  • Predefined Option Chain Market Watch Data
  • Guest Login
  • Track Market Mover

  • App Crash Multiple Time
  • Slow To Respond & Server Maintenace issue

Now, talking about the features of the application, the first section is of the MarketWatch which you can customize to make your portfolio. There is a section of reports in which you can access all the reports by their research team. They also display the trending stocks in the movers’ section in which you can see the stocks having the biggest gains and losses. You can analyze every stock in your portfolio using the technical indicators and advanced charts which are inbuilt in the application.

Ventura Commodity

Ventura provides a lot of support in terms of software for all its customers trading in the commodities market. All the three software including the web platform, mobile application and the downloadable software are registered with MCX and NCDEX.

The desktop trading application by Ventura is called Ventura commodities pointer. It can easily be downloaded from the download section on the website. The software contains all the historical data and you can use it to review all the commodities at once.

Technical analysis of every commodity can be performed in a single window. You also get expert recommendations and updates about the market in the same software.

Ventura commodities mobile application is available to download with 4.3 stars on the play store and 1,000 reviews. It has more than 50000 downloads and this tells us that it is one of the premium commodity applications. Most of the companies do not even have a separate application for commodities.

  • User Friendly
  • Very Useful for Commodity Trading

  • Login Issue

More than 70% of the reviews are one-star reviews and the user interface of the application is also appealing in relative context to a commodity trading application. You get a separate section for reports in which you can view all the recommendations given by their experts.

The first panel of the application is the market watch which can be customized according to your preference. You also have a message section in which you get all the messages from the company regarding all the updates. Overall we would like to give a thumbs up from our side.

Web-based Trading Platform

The web-based trading platform by Ventura is the web-based version of the Ventura pointer. Functioning and algorithms of the software are similar and have been used to integrate it online. You can use all the features available on pointer online using the web-based platform. It can be accessed through any browser.

Trading in all the financial instrument markets including equity, commodities, forex, mutual funds and IPOs can be done using the same platform. To analyze all these scripts or other financial instruments, you can use both fundamental and technical analysis.

All the advanced technical analysis charts including almost all of the indicators are available. It is updated every second and you get to see all the live information. You can easily click on any company and view every fundamental detail of the company.

Ventura Pointer (Desktop Application)

The downloadable version of the trading software by Ventura is called a pointer. It is an inhouse developed software containing all the advanced technical features required by professional traders. In the market view section, you can view all the trending stocks with a separate section for all the major changes happening in the market.

It is a highly customizable software in which you can customize data according to your own needs. You can even customize timeframes for derivatives which is not common in major software available today. By clicking on any company, you can view all the fundamental and technical data for the particular company including upcoming important events.

To give a seamless feature to its uses in terms of user experience, the software provides various unique features like you can trade directly from the charts, using hotkeys for quick trading, trading in multiple exchanges and markets at the same time, etc. You also get a display of stocks going ex-dividend in the next 2 days.

All the information and prices shown on the software are updated every second and you get to see live data. The fundamental analysis section on the software is also quite detailed and you can virtually view all the information about the company in the same window. You also get to view all the bulk trades happening live.


Ventura Securities brokerage charges are negotiable. It means brokerage depends upon the plan & initial margin you provide. You have to pay brokerage as below:

  • Equity Brokerage Charges
  • Commodity Brokerage Charges
Brokerage PlanDelivery BrokerageIntra-Day Brokerage (For cash & derivatives)Options Per LotCurrency Futures & Options Per LotMobile Application Access
10000.45%0.05%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-NO
20000.35%0.04%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-NO
35000.2%0.03%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-NO
50000.17%0.025%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-NO
75000.15%0.02%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-NO
99990.15%0.02%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
100000.15%0.015%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
180000.15%0.015%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
150000.13%0.0125%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
250000.13%0.0125%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
200000.1%0.01%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
300000.1%0.01%Rs. 100/-Rs. 15/-YES
400000.1%0.01%Rs. 70/-Rs. 15/-YES
500000.1%0.01%Rs. 60/-Rs. 15/-YES
720000.1%0.01%Rs. 50/-Rs. 15/-YES
Minimum Brokerage per share for Delivery trades is 2 Paise & for Intra-Day 1 Paisa will be charged.
Brokerage PlanFutures BrokerageOption BrokerageIndicative Turnover
10000.0200%Rs. 100 Per Lot50 Lacs
35000.0150%Rs. 100 Per Lot3 Crore
50000.0100%Rs. 100 Per Lot5 Crore
75000.0090%Rs. 100 Per Lot9 Crore
100000.0080%Rs. 100 Per Lot13 Crore
150000.0075%Rs. 100 Per Lot20 Crore
200000.0070%Rs. 100 Per Lot30 Crore
250000.0065%Rs. 100 Per Lot40 Crore
300000.0060%Rs. 100 Per Lot50 Crore
400000.0055%Rs. 100 Per Lot75 Crore
500000.0050%Rs. 100 Per Lot100 Crore
750000.0040%Rs. 100 Per Lot185 Crore
1000000.0030%Rs. 100 Per Lot333 Crore

Above Brokerage Plans are valid for 12 months. Nowadays almost all brokerage firm offers free access to all its trading platform. In Ventura, if you opt for Equity access plan less then of Rs. 7500 you will not get access to the mobile app. This is quite unusual & needed to be changed.

Account-Related Charges

To open with Ventura Secuirties you have don’t have to pay open account opening charges & annual maintenance charges (AMC). Ventura Secuirties Stockbroker demat & trading account charges are tabulated as below.

Demat & Trading Account Opening Charge (One-Time)Free
Commodity Account Opening ChargesFree
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC-Yearly)Free
Call & trade chargesFree


Ventura Securities didn’t have provided any information regarding margin on any platform. Margin calculator is also not available over the website. Ventura Securities segment-wise margin details are provided below:

DeliveryUpto 5x with 18% interest per year
IntradayUpto 10x time Leverage
Equity Futures3x exposure
Equity OptionsUpto 2X (Shorting)
Currency FuturesUpto 2x
Currency OptionsUpto 2X
CommoditiesUpto 3X

VSL provides Margin Trading Facility for delivery depending upon scripts ranging from 5X to 2X times with an interest rate of 18% yearly. Margin Trading Facility offered only in Group I securities defined by VSL.


Educating your customer base about the stock market and other financial instruments is very common among all the stockbrokers today. Every customer wants to learn something new about the market and expects the broker to provide information by which they can educate themselves. We could not find an education section on the website.

There is just a blog section present on the website which contains articles on various topics. The blogs section is not categorized so this can be used for regular reading but not for educational purposes.

It would be great if Ventura can upload an education section on the website particularly about commodities, the area in which they lead.

Research & Reports

You can find two sections of the website named research and other being recommendations. Stock ideas and quarterly reports are regularly published in this section and you can view the expert recommendations. Daily pointer for equity, commodities and mutual funds are displayed on which you can view daily recommendations by the experts.

Mutual funds recommendations by the experts are given in a separate section. Every recommendation is given with a proper explanation of the view of the expert.

Customer Support

You can contact Ventura Securities through below channel:

  1. Phone: You can call the support team through a phone call on +91-22-67547000 or +91-22-25498500.
  2. Email: You can raise your queries regarding your account on or
  3. Walk-In Branch: Through a large network of sub-brokers in India, you can reach them directly visiting any branch for your inquiry. You can locate a nearby franchise in contact us page over the VSL website.


Ventura securities is one of the old, leading stock broking companies in India. It was established in 1994 and has gained a lot of reputation in almost all of the financial instruments business in India.

They have a strong research team. Their strongest point is the commodities trading support they provide especially through the software. The support team at Ventura is easily available but you might face some technical problems sometimes.

What can you expect from Ventura?

Years of trust, a big brand value, very good for commodities trading, lifetime free AMC and trading in almost every financial instrument. The strong points of the company are professional trading software and strong support for different investment options. You can also analyze stocks technically and fundamentally easily.

The major problems faced by customers are a Brokerage slab Scheme. Lastly, you might face some technical problems as per the complaints received by some of the customers.

Currently,  you can find a much better option then Ventura Securities. It’s now up to you to consider Ventura Securities’ various aspects based on the review to take a decision.

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Expert Score 6.6
Trading Platform
Account Opening
Product & Features
Customer Support
  • Wide range of financial services
  • A dedicated department for Indians and foreigners living abroad
  • Strong branch network all over India
  • Association with all the major banks for fund transfer
  • Offers lifetime free account maintenance charges
  • Not Profesional in Service
  • A fixed yearly fee for any brokerage plan
  • Does not offer 3 in 1 account
  • User interface and experience of the website is ba

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