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    IDBI Capital Review

    IDBI capital markets and securities limited, also known as IDBI capital, is the stockbroking division of IDBI bank ltd. This company deals with a list of financial services including all aspects of investment banking, mergers and acquisition, financial corporate advisory, etc. They have acquired more than 25 years of experience in this field and also have professionals from various backgrounds working for them.

    IDBI has a vast portfolio of management under which it manages funds for government organizations, steel, mining industries and many other industry segments in India. They have a strong research and analysis team, also because of the fact that they handle the investment banking department and other technical financial instruments.

    IDBI is also ventured into institutional broking which has given them a lot of expertise in managing retail accounts. They also offer fund management for high net worth individuals and corporates. IDBI capital also deals in project advisory business which helps them give their customers a close view of the different industries.

    The stockbroking website for IDBI capital is This website is only for the stockbroking division of the company.

    7.7Expert Score
    IDBI Capital Review IDBI capital markets and securities limited, also known as IDBI capital, is the stockbroking division of IDBI bank ltd. This company deals with a list of financial services including all aspects of investment banking, mergers and acquisition, financial corporate advisory, etc. They have acquired more than 25 years of experience in this […]
    Trading Platform
    Account Opening
    Product & Features
    Customer Support
    • Strong research and analysis team
    • Offers 3 in 1 account
    • Offers multiple financial instruments to invest in
    • Can also invest in a mutual fund
    • Offers all kind of trading options
    • Highly competitive brokerage plans
    • Good support team for trading support
    • Brokerage charges are relatively high
    • They do not offer commodity trading

    Specification: IDBI Capital

    Segment Wise Broekerage
    Currency Futures Brokerage


    Currency Option Brokerage

    ₹ 100 per lot

    Equity Delivery Brokerage

    Equity Future Brokerage


    Equity Intraday Brokerage


    Equity Option Brokerage

    ₹ 100 per lot

    Account Charges
    Offline Order Placing Charge


    Tips & Research

    Available (Free)

    Trading & Demat A/C Opening Charge

    ₹ 500

    Commodity A/C Opening Charge


    Brokarage Type

    DP Transaction Charge

    ₹ 10

    Segment Supported

    , ,


    , , ,

    AMC Charge (Yearly)

    ₹ 450

    Trading Platform

    IDBI direct 1.4 (Mobile App)

    The mobile application for IDBI capital trading is called IDBI direct 1.4. It has a rating of 3.5 stars and approximately 2000 reviews on the play store.  There are approximately 35-40% of 1-star reviews on the play store. These reviews are similar to the reviews of different mobile applications of about 80% of stockbrokers in India.


    • Offers IPO bidding
    • Real-Time Fund lien from IDBI Bank


    • Old Fashioned Buggy & Slow App
    • Late Application Update
    • Frequent Login & Holding Issue

    This tells us that there are only a handful of companies with good responsive mobile applications and free of bugs. A lot of people have faced problems like voluntary shutting down of the app at times. A lot of reviewers have even complained of a bad user experience after using a lot of features on the application.

    If we talk in terms of the user interface of the application, it has a basic user interface that gives you all the necessary features & tools to trade. You can view your portfolio on the main screen and trade accordingly. One of the useful features of the application is that you can view all the columns in a single screen including tickers, open positions and other custom allotted sections. It also has an integrated charting tool that helps you view all the information on a beautiful chart. All the predictions and movements in stocks, options and other financial instruments are all displayed in various charts. You can also access stock holdings in your Demat account directly from the application.

    The best part about the application is that you can link Demat and saving accounts at the same time. 

    ICMS Securities (Web-Based)

    The website based trading platform by IDBI capital is called ICMS securities trading software. This platform will be the most useful for you as this is the most user-friendly platform for trading by IDBI compared to other applications.

    IBDI Broker has a beautiful demo section on the website where you can access the demo for almost all features of the software. Demo has explained everything in detail. The application contains all the required security features to protect your account. You can link the savings account to your Demat and trading account and also transfer funds and stock between the three accounts. Through this, you can use it to manage all your funds in one place and it connects all your accounts. 

    It displays a real-time value of all the stocks and financial instruments and you can easily buy and sell anything at the click of a button. Just next to every script it shows you all the margin and fund requirement for every stock.

    This trading platform has an advanced charting tool through this you can create your customized groups where you can select particular scrips and study their fundamentals. Web Trading Platform has advanced technical analysis tools that you can use to create your own custom set of stocks and study them using charts.

    On the right side, there is a section of research and tips provided by the research team at IDBI. They have a really strong research and analysis team which has been actively researching the stock market for numerous years. It has a separate section where you get information specifically about options and futures, then a separate section for stocks.

    Infinity (Desktop Software)

    The downloadable software by IDBI is called Infinity trading software. This can easily be downloaded from the download section of IDBI direct and you can install it in few clicks. It is the advanced application by IDBI for all the professional traders. You will find all the options that are available on the web-based trading platform, also some additional platforms to further enhance the user interface and experience.

    Infinity trading platform is linked to the demat and savings account and you can access all the accounts in one place. It displays the real-time value of every stock and you can buy or sell any instrument with a one-click process using hotkeys.

    It also has a technical analysis part where you can use all the advanced charting tools to analyze your stock portfolio. You can also create your custom view with your portfolio or stocks that you want to follow. Infinity also displays a ticker with the research and tips given by the team of experts which you can view in real-time.

    Apart from all these basic features, we have analyzed the user interface and give it a thumbs up from our side as you will not face any particular difficulty while trading, using this software.


    IDBI Capital has simple structured higher brokerage charges. You have two brokerage plans to choose namely as Card Rate Plan & ACE Trader Plan. Both Plan has minimum brokerage/charges for scrips priced up to Rs 10/- : Rs. 0.04 per share. In case of segment wise minimum brokerage/charges Rs. 25/- per exchange will be applicable.

    • Transparent With Brokerage Charges
    • Separate Brokerage Plan for High Volume Trader/Investors

    • Account Maintenance Charges(AMC) Details Not Available Over Website
    • Slightly Higher Brokerage Charges

    For Card Rate Plan you have to pay fixed brokerage slab. In ACE trader plan your brokerage depends upon your total turnover value:


    Card Rate Plan

    In this plan, your brokerage will be fixed & charged on a percentage basis.

    SegmentBrokerage (per leg)
    Equity Delivery0.50%
    Equity Intraday0.05%
    Equity Futures0.05%
    Equity OptionsRs 100 per lot
    Currency Futures0.05%
    Currency OptionsRs 100 per lot

    ACE Trader Plan

    In this plan, Brokerage calculation is assessed for the particular calendar month & reset upon completion of the calendar month. This means your total turnover will decide your brokerage slab.

    • Intraday Brokerage
    • Delivery Brokerage
    • Futures Brokerage
    Total Eligible Turnover per monthBrokerage each leg (%)
    Up to Rs. 2,00,00,0000.05
    Rs. 2,00,00,001 –Rs. 4,00,00,0000.045
    Rs.4,00,00,001– Rs.6,00,00,0000.04
    Rs. 6,00,00,001 – Rs. 8,00,00,0000.035
    Rs.8,00,00,001 – Rs. 10,00,00,0000.03
    Rs. 10,00,00,001 and above0.02
    Total Eligible Turnover per monthBrokerage each leg (%)
    Up to Rs. 2,00,0000.50
    Rs.2,00,001-Rs. 5,00,0000.45
    Rs. 5,00,001- Rs. 10,00,0000.40
    Rs.10,00,001- Rs. 20,00,0000.35
    Rs.20,00,001- Rs. 40,00,0000.30
    Rs. 40,00,001- Rs.1,00,00,0000.25
    Rs.1,00,00,001-Rs. 5,00,00,0000.20
    Rs.5,00,00,001- Rs. 10,00,00,0000.15
    Above Rs. 10,00,00,0000.10
    Total Eligible Turnover per monthBrokerage each Leg (%)
    Up to Rs. 2,00,00,0000.048
    Rs. 2,00,00,001- Rs. 5,00,00,0000.04
    Rs. 5,00,00,001- Rs. 10,00,00,0000.035
    Rs. 10,00,00,001 & above0.02

    IDBI Capital Demat & Trading Account Charges

    IDBI Capital Stockbroker demat & trading account charges are tabulated as below. To open with IDBI Broker you have to pay one-time account opening charges. Then you will be charged annual maintenance charges (AMC) every year.

    Demat & Trading Account Opening Charge (One-Time)₹500/-
    Commodity Account Opening ChargesNA
    Account Maintenance Charges (AMC-Yearly)₹450/-
    Call & trade chargesFree


    In IDBI Direct you can get margin details over your trading platform for every script. This will help you calculate Exposure provided by IDBI Direct for different segments like Intraday, Delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity. You just need to Select the Scrip & Product as Margin. Then Click on Know your Margin so you will calculate the margin requirement.

    The below table provides Segment-wise Exposure or Leverage offered by IDBI Capital stockbroker.

    DeliveryUpto 4x with 22% interest per year
    IntradayUpto 10x
    Equity FuturesUpto 3X
    Equity OptionsUpto 4X
    Currency FuturesUpto 3X
    Currency OptionsUpto 2X

    You can also use your Demat holdings as collateral and use this as an extra margin to trade on stocks. This will help you to avoid taking a loan and extra interest rates if you are a day trader.

    One unique feature is ENCASH-BSE in which you can get the proceeds from your sales on the same day of the transaction without waiting for T+2 days which is the normal trend with other stock brokers.

    E-Margin: Another interesting offering is the E-Margin facility which you can use to buy stocks today and pay for it after up to 5 days. It works on T+7 days basis.

    • Margin Trading Facility
    • Unique Margin Features

    • Margin Sheet Not Available Over The Website


    IBDI doesn’t provide any type of educational content related to the stock market. They offer demos about various sections of the trading platform. Overall this type of presentation is the best way to train a newbie. We liked the useful and high-quality platform demo presentation.

    • Demo Presentation covering various sections of the trading platform

    • No Educational Content
    • Educational videos

    Product & Services

    IDBI didn’t offer any other interesting features which you will not find in other stock brokers. They have just all the basic services. You can access other financial instruments like mutual funds SIP and other mutual funds by various companies that you can directly trade from the web portal or the software.

    Research & Reports

    We would like to discuss the different parts of this research section which can be highly useful for all the traders. A very interesting research section is present on the website. The start of the section is with a morning reports section which gets publications every day on trading days. This is an extensive report where you can find all the necessary needed information like news and regulations affecting the markets before you start trading.

    • IDBI Capital also display equity SIP in which they review and display the best SIP options available. You can view this section to compare all the investment plans by different companies and analyze their fundamentals.
    • Equity factsheet is the monthly report given by the research team about different trending stocks.
    • Display different reports for derivatives including all the options and futures-related advisories.
    • You can also view the stock ideas section under the research section on the website where they display the technical picks by the research team. They display all the technical indicators in a neat way wherein you can analyze and make your trades

    HNI advisory

    IDBI has a strong HNI(High Networth Individual) advisory Desk. They have a good customer base of many high net worth individuals for which they create private groups. Costumer gets tailor-made services and expert research by their team for the members of the HNI group.

    IDBI Capital has a vast portfolio of other financial services like mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, etc. where they provide different options to the individuals to diversify their portfolio other than equity funds. 

    Customer Support

    You can contact IDBI capital through:

    1. Phone: You can call the support team through a phone call from 08:30 am to 07:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 08:30 am to 02:30 pm on Saturday. Phone support is closed on Sundays and Public holidays. The first two Telephone numbers are toll-free numbers.
      • 1800-22-3366 
      • 1800-200-3388
      • 022-3913 5001 
    2. Email: You can raise your queries regarding through below email id.


    IDBI direct is the stockbroking division of IDBI Bank Limited. They have a diversified portfolio of various financial services that they offer along with Stock Broking. Over the year, they are known for a strong Research and operations team which has an experience of over 25 years. You can easily rely on the services because of the brand name that IDBI hold over the years.

    What can you expect from IDBI direct?

    They have Competitive brokerage plans (If you are high volume trader), Great research team, Big brand value, lots of value-added services like SIPs, mutual funds, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, HNI services. The best part is the research reports that you get regularly which includes Research and advice about mutual funds and derivatives.

    The only problems that you might face with IDBI direct are while using the mobile application, relatively high brokerage charges and the fact that you won’t be able to participate in commodity trading.

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