Stoxkart Pro Trading Platform


Stoxkart Pro is trading platform from the Stoxkart. Although, Stoxkart broker claims to provide high-quality trading platform but does this platform live up to the claims? So, we are reviewing all features from Stoxkart Login to placing order.

Now Let’s understand a bit more about Stoxkart Pro Trading Platform.

Stoxkart Login

On the Login page of Stoxkart ProWeb, the client has many actionable icons for their use, most notably “Theme Selection (Day/Night)” i.e. Dark Theme & White Theme and “Take Me To” option which helps the client to directly land on a selected page of his/her choice just after login. By default, the client is taken to the dashboard page i.e. Home if no selection made.

It has also got a ‘Forgot Password’ option to regenerate Password and ‘Unlock Password’ option to unlock account, in case it is locked by mistake or due to three wrong attempts. The client needs to put his login credentials, as received from Stoxkart after account opening, in User ID and Password field on the login page.

Stoxkart Pro Web Login
Stoxkart Pro Login:Step 1

After submitting the credentials, the client will be asked the second level of authentication as DOB(Date of Birth). The client has to verify the same to successful login to the stoxkart trading platform.

Stoxkart Pro Login Step 2
Stoxkart Pro Login:Step 2 Verification

Stoxkart Pro Marketwatch

Market watch is one of the most important pages on Stoxkart Pro which has been designed in such a way that client gets all necessary information on a single page itself without moving here & there. The client directly lands on this page if he/she has selected ‘Invest’ as a dropdown on the login page during login otherwise client can directly click on ‘MW’ menu when he/she lands on Dashboard or any other page.

Apart from Multi actionable market watch, you have Indices, Fast Scrip Search, Filter, Edit Columns, Trade-related reports, Funds, Stock View, Funds Summary, Help section etc.

Stoxkart Pro Web Trading platform marketwatch

It has got a ticker option where you can select any other market watch scrip which you want to track or news if there is any from Stoxkart. You can put Ticker Off or On as per choice.

Clicking on ‘Whats New’ option gives you latest happening in the form of promotional image in front of you and clicking on it again hides the promotional image. It can be vertically moved on right hand side.

Stoxkart Pro Web Trading platform Whats new Feture

There are multiple ways to put buy and sell orders for particular scripts or contracts thus making it much easier for you to place trades as fast as possible.

If you want to quickly buy/sell any scrip then you can either move cursor on scrip name which gives you Buy/Sell option as well as adding that particular scrip to any specific profile as per your choice. Alternatively, you can select scrip and use Buy/Sell option on upper row and yes, you also have short cut key F1 – Buy and F2 – Sell.

A single click on any scrip shows Best 5 with important information along with Support Resistance, Intraday Chart, Security/Contract Information, NSE/BSE combined depth and research calls, if any.

Stoxkart Pro Scrip basic & technical details

Clicking on any scrip symbol takes you to a detailed overview of scrip having a plethora of information about that scrip so that you could go through all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Buy/Sell order has been placed on all places to make buying/selling experience smooth.

We will have detail on Scrip Overview at a later stage in this illustration. You can switch to NSE/BSE as per your choice without any efforts in a single click. Clicking on the ‘Back’ button will take you to the Market Watch page again.

Stoxkart Pro Buy Order Placement

As mentioned in Market Watch Illustration, you have multiple ways to place Buy orders after login. The best way is to select scrip and use F1- for Buy. If you click on Buy Option or Press F1 then Buy Order window appears as shown below where you can select Exchange, product type, Quantity, Price etc.

Stoxkart Pro Buy Order Window

It has got two more Options i.e. “Show Advanced” & “Show More” clicking on which more option appears on order window as well as Combined Depth of NSE/BSE and Support/Resistance level. Now, after putting Quantity and Price, you can click on ‘Place Order’ to finally submit the buy order.

Stoxkart Pro Sell Order Placement

As mentioned in Market Watch Illustration, you have multiple ways to place Sell orders. The best way is to select scrip and use F2 – for Sell. If you click on Sell Option or Press F2 then the Sell Order window appears as shown below where you can select Exchange, product type, Quantity, Price etc.

It has got two more Options i.e. “Show Advanced” & “Show More” clicking on which more option appears on order window as well as Combined Depth of NSE/BSE and Support/Resistance level. Now, after putting Quantity and Price, you can click on ‘Place Order’ to finally submit the sell order.

You can see your tradable stocks in Demat (if POA submitted) or pending shares from Exchange in Stock view option which can be accessed at the bottom of the Market watch in a collapsible menu.

You can sell shares from the Stock view itself by just clicking on scrip row and you have Exchange wise Buy/Sell option.

Stoxkart Pro Order Modify

Orders showing pending in Stoxkart Pro Order Book can be Modified by clicking on ‘Modify’ option as shown below.

You can see Order Window in below snapshot which appeared after the ‘Modify’ option was clicked. You can change Quantity/Price and then submit the same to modify the order in Stoxkart Pro.

After successful submission of Modify Request, you can check the same on Order Book. e.g. see that in below snapshot order has been modified from Rs.4/- to Rs. 3.90/-.

Stoxkart Pro Order Book

Once you place any Buy/Sell order, a confirmation message box appears as well as an order message as a balloon. To check order book, you just need to click on Order Book on the bottom side of Market Watch.

Stoxkart Pro Order Book Dialog Box

As soon as Order Book is clicked, it shows you Order Book showing Open Orders (Pending Orders), Completed Orders (Executed Orders) and All Orders (Showing all order irrespective of Executed or Pending. You also have facility to set Order Book Column setting, Filter Option, Export Option, Cancel Order icon on right hand side of Order Book thus, making it easier to set use order book as per your preferences.

Stoxkart Pro Order Book Status

Stoxkart Pro Trade Book

Trade book shows all your successfully executed trades. To check Trade book, you just need to click on Trade Book on bottom side of Market Watch.

Stoxkart Pro Net Position

In Net Position you can see your all open position for Current Date – “Today’s Position” as well as Carry over positions – “Overall Position”. The Net Position window also helps you to convert and Square off your positions.

Stoxkart Account Fund View

You have to first login to Stoxkart Pro trading platform to check your current fund position. Then you can click on the “Funds View” option on the bottom side beside Stock View.

This fund view has blue icons beside some values and clicking on these icons will further drill down the given option. It also has collateral value, Fund transfer today, Limit Utilization, Booked Profit/Loss, MTM profit/Loss etc.

Menu Options on Stoxkart Pro

  • Home: It is a dashboard showing market-related crucial information Like Top Gainer/Losers, 52 Week High/Low, Most Active (Volume-wise/Value-Wise), Advance/Decline, News with different categories and Trade position of the current trade day.
    Each option has an Expand icon to view detailed specific information. You can also see Market Data based on Indices/Industry/Sector from the drop-down as shown in the image.
  • Analytics: This one of the most important menu as it has got Scanners, World Indices, FII/DII/MF data, Bulk Block deals, Micro Economic data, Advance Chart from one of the world’s leading Chart Solution provider Chart IQ, Advance/Decline, Pivot Watch having Pivot values on the system and customized Market watch Profile, Scrip alert and various calculators.
  • My Account: It has got sub-options like My Info – Showing your profile, My preference – Tools available to customize your preferences, Login History, Trade History to view last 14 days trades, Fund Transfer – For real-time fund transfer using Net Banking, Fund Withdrawal
    -To take back funds into your Primary Bank account and Back-office link to view your ledger and historical trade reports.
  • Message Board: The message board had trade-related messages, different categories of news, Research Calls, Market commentary, Corporate Action, Corporate Announcements etc.
  • Universal Search: In the Universal Search menu, you can type and go to menu options directly as shown in the below snapshot. E.g. If you want to transfer funds then you just need to type fund and it will show you the relevant option, selecting which will direct you to Fund Transfer page directly.

Online Messages in Stoxkart Pro

You have option to view Order, Trade, Login, Alert, Trading Calls, and News as messages under Online Message option. By default all boxes are marked and you can de-select if you do not want to view options you do not need.

Scrip Overview in Stoxkart Pro

One of the unique features of Stoxkart ProWeb is detailed information on Scrip which helps client explore scrip to make informed decision making. It has got Company information, Chart, Best Five, Volume, Shareholding, Moving Averages etc. under ‘Overview’ option on Scrip Overview page.

It has also got FNO details of scrip if it is available in Derivatives segment for Trading.

All necessary information has been presented in such a way so that it is easier for you to understand the FNO details for informed decision making.

If the scrip is available in the Derivatives segment for Trading then you have Option Chain in scrip details where different strikes are appearing and the nearest six strikes are highlighted. You can also filter strikes as per your choice and can place an order from this window itself as Buy/Sell option have been provided on this window.

You have various details available under ‘Financial Reports’ having Health of Stock (BSE 500 stocks have been considered under this), Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Results, Trend analysis etc. For Financial data you can have both Standalone and Consolidated views. You also have a Graphical view available if you click on Graph Icon.

On the Scrip Overview page you have news specific to that scrip and historical news is also available for that scrip.

In ‘Corporate Actions’ menu you have various information related to scrip having Board Meeting, Book Closure, AGM, EGM, Bonus, Split, Right, Dividend and Buy Back related information.

Charting Stoxkart Pro Web

On Stoxkart ProWeb, we have an advance chart from one of the best Chart Solution providers i.e. Chart IQ. Chart IQ delivers powerful, high-performance charts that meet the needs of every user ranging from the general user to the technical analyst. It provides real-time market data, market sessions, trade execution, and technical analysis.

You can view an intraday chart when you click scrip row on Market Watch. Clicking on the Advance chart opens a separate chart window that has multiple tools and studies.

You can also access the advanced chart in the bigger window by Visiting Analytics > Analytical Tools > Advance Chart. The chart provides you a wide range of tools for analysis thus helping you analyze scrips of your choice before making any investment decision.

Frequently Asked Question on Stoxkart Pro

  1. How to Convert Position and Square-off Position in Stoxkart Pro?

    To convert your position, you just need to click on “Pos. Convert” option and a window will open up with ‘From Product’ to ‘To Product’ with quantity available.
    You get an Alert on Net position window. If conversion is successful, you can check the same in Net Position itself.
    Similarly, to Square-off your position, you need to click on “Square Off” option and a opposite order window will appear i.e. for Buy Order, Sell Order window will appear or vice-versa.
    By Default, order goes as ‘Market Order’. If you wish to put limit order, you can do so by changing ‘Order Type’. Once you click on ‘Place Order’, an order confirmation window appears which needs to be confirmed for Final Square off order submission. Quantity becomes Zero after successful order execution.

  2. How to Cancel a Pending Order In Stoxkart Pro?

    To cancel a pending order, you need to check the box on left hand side of pending order and need to click on As soon as you click on Cancel Icon, a pop up message appears asking for final confirmation which needs to be confirmed for finally submission of the cancel order request. After submitting cancel request, order is successfully cancelled and can be checked in order book itself as shown in below snapshot.

  3. How to Create Profile/New Market Watch/Customized Market Watch?

    To add new Profile or Market Watch as per your preference, you need to click on ‘+’ icon and a dropdown appears with ‘Add New Profile’ field and existing profiles where you have Edit/Delete option to Edit or Delete any profile Except system defined profiles.

  4. How to make my customized profile as Default one in Stoxkart Pro?

    You can make your newly created profile as your default profile i.e. whenever you login, the profile selected by you will be marked as default one not as defined by the system when you login for the first time.To do the same, you need to click on “My Preferences” option under My Account menu.

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Stoxkart Pro Trading Platform
Stoxkart Pro Trading Platform
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